The next service to be held in this church will be 

1st August 2021 @ 10 am


From 7th March 2021 there will be a Benefice Service

at one of the churches in the Wye Brooks Benefice

Click here for Benefice services.


A regular Sunday 'Lite Bite' from the vicar can be found here:

(905) Wye Brooks Group - YouTube

 We hope and pray that our regular services will resume soon!

Please see the Wye Brooks Group website for additional information.

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There are three regular services each month:

1st Sunday   -   8.30 am Morning Prayer (Matins) Book of Common Prayer

2nd Sunday  -  5 pm Service of Discovery. A brand new service starting summer 2018 designed for all those new to Christianity, merely curious to know what church might have to offer or simply interested in coming to explore spiritual questions.

3rd Sunday  -  9.30 am  Holy Communion, Book of Common Prayer


Many people have stopped going to church or have never been because they feel that attendance comes with an obligation either to come regularly or to subscribe to a set of beliefs. We encourage people to come on their own terms and with their questions and doubts. Very few people have a faith that remains constant and unchanged throughout their lives. Faith develops and evolves and is stronger at some times than at others. New questions arise as life throws new challenges at us. We believe that the church should be a place to explore faith and ideas freely with others with all shades of experience.


Try our new very informal 5 pm service on the second Sunday of each month.

Some people feel understandably intimidated by traditional services in which it seems that everybody knows when to stand up and sit down and what to say! No experience or knowledge whatever is needed at the 5 pm Service of Discovery, which is suitable for all the family.